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Realistic Animal Art

Crocodile Walking - 4ft

Frog - Cane Toad

Frog - Green & Golden Bell Frog

Galapagos Tortoise - ONLY 2 AVAILABLE

Gnome - Female

Gnome - Male

Guard Hog


Komodo Dragon

Lace Monitor - 4ft

Lion Cub - Lying Down

Lion Cub - Sitting

Lion Cub - Standing

Panther - Black


Santa with Merry Christmas Banner - Standing 5 feet high **ONLY 1 IN STOCK**

Shark - Black tip Reef Shark

Silver Back Gorilla

Sitting Swan - Black

Sitting Swan - White

Snail - Female - ONLY 2 AVAILABLE

Snail - Male - ONLY 2 AVAILABLE

Wild Turkey

Aquarium, Reptile & Pet Products

Artificial Plants












Aquarium, Reptile 3D Backgrounds

3D Backgrounds

24 x 24 Bark Background (FOAM ONLY)

29" x 12" Gecko Background

36" x 18" Bombo Background with base

36X22-OLGAS/with Base

36"x24" Cliff Background

48" x 24" Canyon Background

48" x 24" Complete Background

48" x 24" Kiama Background with base

72" x 24" OLGAS Background

BFR-001 Complete Background

BFR-002 Complete Background (With holes cut out)

24 x 24 Vine Background (FOAM ONLY)

Crevice Style

Crevice Style Background - Various Sizes

Custom Backgrounds

Crevice background - custom size

Crystal Wall

Malawi Rock Background

Rocky Background Custom size

Texas Wall Background

Wilson's Ridge

Exo Terra Backgrounds

Exo-Terra 36" x 36" Background - FOAM ONLY

Exo-Terra 24" x 36" Background - FOAM ONLY

Exo-Terra 36" x 24" Background - FOAM ONLY

Exo-Terra 36" x 18" Background - FOAM ONLY

Exo-Terra 24" x 24" Background - FOAM ONLY

Suitable for Exo-Terra Tank 24" x 18" - FOAM ONLY

Exo-Terra 18" x 24" Background - FOAM ONLY

Exo-Terra 18" x 18" Background - FOAM ONLY

Exo-Terra 12" x 12" Background - FOAM ONLY

Exo-Terra 8" x 12" Background - FOAM ONLY

Exo-Terra 8" x 8" Background - FOAM ONLY

Exo-Terra 12" x 18" Background - FOAM ONLY

Ledge Style

20" x 12" Ledge Background

24" x 12" Ledge Background

24" x 16" Ledge Background

24" x 24" Ledge Background

30" x 12" Ledge Background

30" x 18" Ledge Background

30" x 24" Ledge Background

36" x 12" Ledge Background

36" x 16" Ledge Background

36" x 20" Ledge Background

36" x 24" Ledge Background

36" x 36" Ledge Background

48" x 16" Ledge Background

48" x 20" Ledge Background

48" x 24" Ledge Background

48" x 28" Ledge Background

48" x 36" Ledge Background

60" x 20" Ledge Background

60" x 24" Ledge Background

60" x 28" Ledge Background

72" x 20" Ledge Background

72" x 24" Ledge Background

72" x 28" Ledge Background

Rocky Background

Rocky Background - Various Sizes

Versatile Flat Sheets

Versatile Flat Sheets - 3 sizes available

Zoo Med Backgrounds

Zoo Med 12" x 12" Background - FOAM ONLY

Zoo Med 12" x 18" Background - FOAM ONLY

Zoo Med 18" x 18" Background - FOAM ONLY

Zoo Med 18" x 24" Background - FOAM ONLY

Decoration Waterfalls

Decoration Waterfalls - DECOFALLS-001

Decoration Waterfall - DECOFALLS-002

Decoration Waterfalls - DECOFALLS-004

Heater Covers

Heater Covers-HC-001

Heater Covers-HC-002

Heater Covers-HC-003

Holey Rock Products

Holey Rock - Decoration Rock-037

Holey Rock - Decoration Rock-038

Holey Rock - Decoration Rock-039

Holey Rock - Decoration Rock-040

Holey Rock - Decoration Rock-041

Holey Rock - Decoration Rock-042

Holey Rock - Decoration Rock-043

Holey Rock - Decoration Rock-044

Holey Rock - Decoration Rock-044-20"

Background Holey Rock - in various sizes - WHITE ONLY

Marine Products

Marine Decoration Rocks

Marine Aquarium Decoration Rock - MADR-001

Marine Aquarium Decoration Rock - MADR-002

Marine Aquarium Decoration Rock - MADR-003

Marine Aquarium Decoration Rock - MADR-004

Marine Aquarium Decoration Rock - MADR-005

Marine Aquarium Decoration Rock - MADR-006

Marine Aquarium Decoration Rock - MADR-007

Marine Aquarium Decoration Rock - MADR-008

Marine Aquarium Decoration Rock - MADR-009

Marine Aquarium Decoration Rock - MADR-010

Marine Aquarium Decoration Rock - MADR-011

Marine Aquarium Decoration Rock - MADR-012

Marine Aquarium Decoration Rock - MADR-013

Marine Backgrounds in Various Sizes

Marine Backgrounds - Various Sizes

Marine Overflow Covers

Marine Back Overflow - Various Sizes

Marine Overflow Covers - Corner Covers various sizes

Reef Wall Backgrounds

Reef Wall Backgrounds - various sizes

Marine Versatile Flat Sheets

Marine Versatile Flat Sheets - 3 Sizes

Overflow Covers

Corner Rocky Overflow Covers - various sizes

Rocky Back Overflow Cover - various sizes

Pet Rock Bowls (Dogs & Cats)

Dog & Cat Bowls - PRB-001

Dog & Cat Bowls - PRB-002

Dog & Cat Bowls - PRB-003

Dog & Cat Bowls - PRB-004

Dog & Cat Bowls - PRB-005

Dog & Cat Bowls - PRB-006

Dog & Cat Bowls - PRB-007

Request Product Sample (Aquarium)

Request Sample of Aquarium products

Rock Bowls (Reptiles)

Rock Bowl - RB-001

Rock Bowl - RB-002

Rock Bowl - RB-003

Rock Bowl - RB-004

Rock Bowl - RB-005

Rock Bowl - RB-006

Rock Bowl - RB-007

Aquarium, Reptile Rocks

Aquarium Rock sets

Individual Rocks

Malawi Set - 001

Malawi Set - 002

Rock Combo - 001 (RC-001)

Rock Combo - 002 (RC-002)

Rock Combo - 003 (RC-003)

Rock Combo - 004 (RC-004)

Rock Combo - 005 (RC-005)

Background Feature Rocks

Background Feature Rocks - 18" & 22" High

Background Feature Rocks - 26" & 34" High

Background Feature Rock-BFR-003-34"

Decoration Rocks

Decoration Rocks - DECOROCK-001

Decoration Rocks - DECOROCK-002

Decoration Rocks - DECOROCK-003

Decoration Rocks - DECOROCK-004

Decoration Rocks - DECOROCK-005

Decoration Rocks - DECOROCK-006

Decoration Rocks - DECOROCK-007

Decoration Rocks - DECOROCK-008

Decoration Rocks - DECOROCK-009

Decoration Rocks - DECOROCK-010

Decoration Rocks - DECOROCK-011

Decoration Rocks - DECOROCK-012

Decoration Rocks - DECOROCK-013

Decoration Rocks - DECOROCK-014

Decoration Rocks - DECOROCK-015

Decoration Rocks - DECOROCK-016

Decoration Rocks - DECOROCK-017

Decoration Rocks - DECOROCK-018

Decoration Rocks - DECOROCK-019

Decoration Rocks - DECOROCK-020

Decoration Rocks - DECOROCK-021

Decoration Rocks - DECOROCK-022

Decoration Rocks - DECOROCK-023

Decoration Rocks - DECOROCK-024

Decoration Rocks - DECOROCK-025

Decoration Rocks - DECOROCK-026

Decoration Rocks - DECOROCK-027

Decoration Rocks - DECOROCK-028

Decoration Rocks - DECOROCK-029

Decoration Rocks - DECOROCK-030

Decoration Rocks - DECOROCK-031

Decoration Rocks - DECOROCK-032

Decoration Rocks - DECOROCK-033

Decoration Rocks - DECOROCK-034

Decoration Rocks - DECOROCK-035

Decoration Rocks - DECOROCK-036

Decoration Rocks - DECOROCK-037

Decoration Rocks - DECOROCK-038

Decoration Rocks - DECOROCK-039

Decoration Rocks - DECOROCK-040

Decoration Rocks - DECOROCK-041

Decoration Rocks - DECOROCK-042

Decoration Rocks - DECOROCK-043

Decoration Rocks - DECOROCK-044

Decoration Rocks - DECOROCK-045

Decoration Rocks - DECOROCK-046

Decoration Rocks - DECOROCK-047

Decoration Rocks - DECOROCK-048

Decoration Rocks - DECOROCK-049

Decoration Rocks - DECOROCK-050

Decoration Rocks - DECOROCK-051

Decoration Rocks - DECOROCK-052

Decoration Rocks - DECOROCK-053

Decoration Rocks - DECOROCK-054

Decoration Rocks - DECOROCK-055

Decoration Rocks - DECOROCK-056

Decoration Rocks - DECOROCK-057

Decoration Rocks - DECOROCK-058

Decoration Rocks - DECOROCK-059

Decoration Rocks - DECOROCK-060

Decoration Rocks - DECOROCK-061

Decoration Rocks - DECOROCK-062

Decoration Rocks - DECOROCK-063

Feature Rocks

Canyon Rock

Turtle Rock

Magnetic Ledges

Magnetic Ledge Rock - LR-001

Magnetic Ledge Rock - LR-002

Magnetic Ledge Rock - LR-003

Magnetic Ledge Rock - LR-004

Magnetic Ledge Rock - LR-006

River Stone Clusters

Stonecluster-001...... Set of 12 river stones

Stonecluster-002..... Set of 6 river stones

Stonecluster-003..... Set of 3 small size river stones

Stonecluster-004..... Set of 3 medium size river stones

Stonecluster-005..... Set of 3 large size river stones

Tree Products

Tree Branches

Tree Branch - TB-003

Tree Branch - TB-004

Tree Branch - TB-005

Tree Branch - TB-006

Cypress Knees

Cypress Knee - CK-001

Cypress Knee - CK-002

Cypress Knee - CK-003

Cypress Knee - CK-004

Cypress Knee - CK-005

Cypress Knee - CK-006

Cypress Knee - CK-008

Cypress Knee - CK-009

Cypress Knee - CK-010

Cypress Stumps

Cypress Stump - CS-001

Cypress Stump - CS-002

Cypress Stump - CS-003

Cypress Stump - CS-004

Mangrove Roots

Mangrove Root - MR-001

Mangrove Root - MR-002

Mangrove Root - MR-003

Mangrove Root - MR-004

Mangrove Root - MR-005

Tree Roots

Tree Root - TR-003

Tree Root - TR-004

Tree Stumps

Tree Stump-008 (TS-008)

Tree Stump TS-003

Tree Stumps -004, 17" and 23" High

Tree Stump-007 (TS-007)

Our Blog

Customizing Your Aquarium with Holey Rock

Universal Rock Brochures

"Clips" A guide to what they are and how to use them.

Color options available for Universal Rocks products

Adding Custom 3D Stone Backgrounds to Aquariums and Fish Tanks

Custom Rock Hot Tubs

The Advantages of Decorating with Realistic Artificial Rocks

Elephant Wall Art

Adding a Fairy Garden to Your Backyard Landscape

Helpful Hints

Ideas to Customize Your Pool for Labor Day Parties

Large Garden Hot Tub

Description of Material Options

Benefits of Owning a Garden Pond

Patio Pond Kit Installation Instructions

Complete Your Pool's Look with Edge Rocks

Installing a Pool Grotto or Waterfall

Outfit your Aquarium with Realistic Tree Products

Why A Waterfall Makes an Ideal Focal Point

Properly Showcasing Your Aquarium

Transforming a Basic In-ground Pool Into a Backyard Oasis

Transforming Your Pool with Artificial Rocks & Water Features

Warranty Information

Brochures & Installation Videos




Frequently Asked Questions

A few helpful hits when installing flexible backgrounds

Versatile Flat Sheets - 3 sizes available

Garden & Pond Products



Pondmaster Mag 1200

Pondmaster Mag 1800

Pondmaster Mag 2400

Pondmaster Mag 250

Pondmaster Mag 350

Pondmaster Mag 500

Pondmaster Mag 700

Pondmaster Mag 950

1" Clear Tubing

Clear Tubing available in various lengths.

The Water Cleanser Blocks

The Water Cleanser

Cascades & Creeks

Creek (Large)



Small Cascade-SC-014

Small Pond Cascade - SPC-005

Universal Cascade - UC-001

Universal Cascade - UC-002

Universal Cascade - UC-003

Universal Cascade - UC-004

Disappearing Fountain Kits

Disappearing Fountain - 2'x2' Square

Disappearing Fountain - 3'x3' Square

Elephant Wall Art

Elephant Wall Art - EL-001

Elephant Wall Art - EL-002

Elephant Wall Art - EL-003

Elephant Wall Art - EL-004

Fairy Gardens

Fairy Garden - Fairy Rock Base - 001

Fairy Rock Base - 002

Floating Products

Floating Crocodile, Alligator

Floating - 4ft Crocodile

Floating - 8ft Alligator

Floating Islands

Floating Island - FI-001

Floating Logs

Floating Log-FL-001

Floating Log-FL-002

Floating Log-FL-003

Floating Log-FL-004

Floating Log-FL-005

Floating Rocks

Floating Rock - FR-005

Floating Rock - FR-006

Floating Rock - FR-007

Floating Rock FR-008

Kit Suggestions


Large Pond-LP-002

Large Pond-LP-003 (comes in two pieces)

Medium Pond-MP-003 (comes in two pieces)

Medium Rock Pond - MRP-005

Medium Rock Pond - MRP-006

Medium Rock Pond - MRP-008

Medium Rock Pond - MRP-009

Medium Rock Pond - MRP-011

Medium Rock Pond - MRP-012

Medium Rock Pond - MRP-013

Medium Rock Pond - MRP-015

Medium Rock Pond - MRP-016

Medium Rock Pond - MRP-017

Small Pond-SP-003 (comes in two pieces)

Small Rock Pond - SRP-012

Small Rock Pond - SRP-013 (spillway)

Small Rock Pond - SRP-014

Small Rock Pond - SRP-015 (spillway)

Small Rock Pond - SRP-016

Request Sample of a Garden & Pond Products

Brown or Grey Product Sample

Rock Wall Panels


Rock Wall Panel 001/002

Rock Wall Panel 004/005

Rock Wall Panel-RWP-009/RWP-010

Rock Wall Panel-RWP-011/RWP-012

Rock Wall Panel-RWP-014/RWP-015

Rock Wall Panel-RWP-016/RWP-017


Accent & Bubbling Rocks

Accent Rock-AR-001 Bubbling Accent Rock-BAR-001

Accent Rock-AR-002 Bubbling Accent Rock-BAR-002

Accent Rock-AR-003 Bubbling Accent Rock-BAR-003

Accent Rock-AR-004 Bubbling Accent Rock-BAR-004

Accent Rock-AR-005 Bubbling Accent Rock-BAR-005

Accent Rock-AR-006 Bubbling Accent Rock-BAR-006

Accent Rock-AR-007 Bubbling Accent Rock-BAR-007

Accent Rock-AR-008 Bubbling Accent Rock-BAR-008

Accent Rock-AR-009 Bubbling Accent Rock-BAR-009

Accent Rock-AR-010 Bubbling Accent Rock-BAR-010

Accent Rock-AR-011 Bubbling Accent Rock-BAR-011

Accent Rock-AR-012 Bubbling Accent Rock-BAR-012

Accent Rock-AR-013 Bubbling Accent Rock-BAR-013

Accent Rock-AR-014 Bubbling Accent Rock-BAR-014

Accent Rock-AR-015 Bubbling Accent Rock-BAR-015

Accent Rock-AR-016 Bubbling Accent Rock-BAR-016

Accent Rock-AR-017 Bubbling Accent Rock-BAR-017

Accent Rock-AR-018 Bubbling Accent Rock-BAR-018

Accent Rock-AR-019 Bubbling Accent Rock-BAR-019

Accent Rock-AR-020 Bubbling Accent Rock-BAR-020

Accent Rock-AR-021 Bubbling Accent Rock-BAR-021

Accent Rock-AR-022 Bubbling Accent Rock-BAR-022

Accent Rock-AR-023 Bubbling Accent Rock-BAR-023

Accent Rock-AR-024 Bubbling Accent Rock-BAR-024

Accent Rock-AR-025 Bubbling Accent Rock-BAR-025

Accent Rock-AR-026 Bubbling Accent Rock-BAR-026

Accent Rock-AR-027 Bubbling Accent Rock-BAR-027

Accent Rock-AR-033

Accent Rock-AR-034

Accent Rock-AR-035

Accent Rock-AR-036

Bubbling Accent Rock-BAR-028

Bubbling Accent Rock BAR-029

Bubbling Accent Rock BAR-030

Bubbling Accent Rock-BAR-031

Bubbling Accent Rock-BAR-032

Bubbling Support Rock - BSR-001

Bridge Stones

Bridge stone - BS-001

Bridge stone - BS-002

Building Rocks

Building Rock - BR-001

Building Rock - BR-002

Building Rock - BR-003

Building Rock - BR-004

Building Rock - BR-005

Building Rock - BR-006

Building Rock - BR-007

Building Rock - BR-008

Building Rock - BR-009

Dispersion Rocks

Dispersion Rock - DR-001

Dispersion Rock-DR - 002

Dispersion Rock - DR-003

Garden Rock Edges

Garden Rock Edging - GRE-004

Garden Rock Edging - GRE-005

Garden Rock Edging - GRE-006

Garden Rock Edging - GRE-007

Garden Rock Edging - GRE-008

Garden Rock Edging - GRE-009

Garden Rock Edging - GRE-010

Garden Rock Edging - GRE-011

Garden Rock Edging - GRE-012

Planter Rocks, Wall Planters

Planter Rock - 003

Planter Rock - 004


Wall Planter - WP-001

Wall Planter - WP-002

Wall Planter - WP-003

Wall Planter - WP-004

Wall Planter - WP-005

Pot Rocks

Pot Rock - 003

Pot Rock - 006

Pot Rock - 007

Pot Rock - 008

Pot Rock - 009

Pot Rock - 010

Pot Rock - 011

Pump Cover Rocks

Pump Cover - PC-Large

Pump Cover - PC-Medium

Pump Cover - PC-Small

Utility Rocks

Utility Rock Cover - URC-001

Self-contained Units

Large Patio Pond

Large Corner Waterfall-LCW-001

Medium Patio Pond with MW-004

Medium Patio Pond - with MW-015

Small Corner Waterfall - SCW-004

Small Patio Pond

Small Waterfall Pond-SWP-008

Wall Waterfall Pond (self-contained unit) WWP-002

Wall Waterfall Pond (self-contained unit) WWP-005

Wall Waterfall Pond (self-contained unit) WWP-008

Wall Waterfall Pond (self-contained unit) WWP-010

Extra Large Waterfall Pond (self-contained unit) XLWP-002

Skimmer Lids

Skimmer Lid - SL-001

Skimmer Lid - SL-002





Large Edge Waterfall-LEW-002

Large Edge Waterfall - LEW-003

Large Edge Waterfall - LEW-003-MED

Large Edge Waterfall-LEW-004

Large Edge Waterfall-LEW-006-corner

Large Waterfall-LW-003

Medium Waterfall - MW-004

Medium Waterfall - MW-005

Medium Waterfall - MW-008

Medium Waterfall - MW-009

Medium Waterfall - MW-011

Medium Waterfall - MW-015

Salt Creek Falls - Pondless waterfall PLW-003

Small Rock Waterfall - SRW-008

Small Rock Waterfall - SRW-016

Small Rock Waterfall - SRW-018

Small Rock Waterfall - SRW-019

Small Rock Waterfall - SRW-021

Extra Large Edge Waterfall-001

Installing Pond-less Water Features on Your Property



Aquarium/Reptile Pictures

Customer Photos

Aquarium Customer Photos

Garden Customer Photos

Pool Customer Photos

Garden & Outdoor Living Product Pictures

Swimming Pool Pictures

Sydney Wildlife World Album

Projects - Zoo & Aquarium large projects


Self-Contained Units

Shopping Cart

Suggestions - KITS SHIP FREE!!

Nature's Magic Complete Kit

Petite Pools - Small Patio Pond kit

Rugged Rapids Complete Kit

The Myuna Cascades Complete kit - FREE SHIPPING!

Crystal Falls Complete Kit

Running Waters Complete Kit

Ruffled Waters Complete Kit

Rocky Crevice Falls Complete Kit

Courtyard Bliss - Medium Patio Pond - Complete Kit

Paradise Pools - Medium Patio Pond - Complete Kit

Flat Rock Falls Complete Kit - FREE SHIPPING!

Serenity Pools - Large Patio Pond - Complete Kit

Amazon Complete Kit

Majestic Falls Kit

The Maldives - Complete Swimming Pool Waterfall Kit. FREE SHIPPING

Swimming Pool Products

Edge Rocks

Edge Rock - ER-001

Edge Rock - ER-003

Edge Rock - ER-004

Edge Rock - ER-008

Edge Rock - ER-009

Edge Rock - ER-010

Edge Rock - ER-011

Edge Rock - ER-012

Edge Rock - ER-013

Edge Rock - ER-014

Edge Rock - ER-015

Edge Rock - ER-016

Edge Rock - ER-017

Edge Rock - ER-018

Edge Rock - ER-019

Edge Rock - ER-020


Grotto - Available in 4 Heights

Pump Cover Rocks

Pool Pump Cover Rock - PPC-001

Request Pool Sample

Request Pool Sample - Brown or Grey

Rock Hot Tubs/Spa

Large Rock Hot Tub / Spa

Small Rock Hot Tub / Spa

Pool Waterfall Kits - FREE SHIPPING!

"Tahitian Waterfall" Complete Swimming Pool Waterfall Kit - FREE SHIPPING!

"The Oasis" .... Complete Swimming Pool Waterfall Kit - FREE SHIPPING!

"The Cascades" Complete Swimming Pool Waterfall Kit - FREE SHIPPING!

"Serenity Waterfall" Complete Swimming Pool Waterfall Kit - FREE SHIPPING!

"Serenity Medium" Complete Swimming Pool Waterfall Kit - FREE SHIPPING!

"Spirit Falls" Complete Swimming Pool Waterfall kit - FREE SHIPPING!

"The Tropicana" Complete Swimming Pool Waterfall Kit - FREE SHIPPING!

"The Beachcomber" Complete Swimming Pool Waterfall Kit - FREE SHIPPING!

"The Somerset" Complete Swimming Pool Waterfall Kit - FREE SHIPPING!

Test Product