Our new modern waterfalls are perfect for straight edge pools! Holding up to 500lbs, these waterfalls are a great way to also add seating to your pool.

Only available in our very popular "Castle Rock" color

In this section we have our pool waterfalls available as individual items. Please note that these water features are single units only.  No edge rocks.

Includes: FREE shipping (via freight), LED bluetooth controlled color changing lights, and a touch up color kit.

For our waterfall kits that include edge rocks and free shipping please go here



After chlorinating or shocking your pool, do NOT run your waterfall until it is safe to enter.  Doing so can result in a bleached effect that could potentially ruin the finish of your product.  Normal levels of chlorine, however, will not affect your product. 

Secure waterfall to deck with two treated 2 x 4's inside, on both the left and right sides. Two piece waterfalls come attached together already. 

1 1/2" union inside waterfalls. Comes with a 5 year warranty for the waterfall and a 3 month warranty on the lights. 

LED lights: do not sync with pool equipment and has a 2' - 3' long cord.




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