Imagine a tree branch or chunk of drift wood in your tank that was resistant to rot, didn’t release tannins, lasted forever, and eliminated the need for ongoing boiling to preserve integrity.  Universal Rocks Tree products are exactly that.

Our lightweight fish tank trees are durable and stunningly realistic, making them perfect for any style of aquarium or fish tank while serving as a wonderful way to accent your design.  Whether you position them to impart a top-down growth environment, or one that’s abundantly sprawling around the tank, Universal Rocks has one of the industry’s most extensive selections of natural-looking aquarium tree products.

The bottom and back of these products do not sit completely flat against a surface, just as they wouldn’t in nature.  Be sure to browse each category to find the variety that’s best suited for the unique dimensions of your tank. 

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Displaying 1-24 of 34 View All

We invite you to discover why Universal Rocks is trusted by industry experts, celebrities and renowned landscape architects everywhere. Browse our full line of faux rocks products, or explore our vast collection of custom aquarium backgrounds and other popular artificial rock decorations.

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