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Pool Waterfall Kits - FREE SHIPPING!

Looking for a great way to spruce up an existing pool? Or are you building a new pool and want to keep the already high budget down but want something to really make your pool your own? Our Swimming pool waterfall range is the perfect solution; easy to install and beautiful to look at they are a great way to add value to your pool and if you move you can take it with you!

With 10 great waterfalls to choose from there is something for everyone's budget; you no longer have to spend 1000's of dollars to get something beautiful and relaxing, who doesn’t love to hear running water?

Click any of the pictures below to get sizes and weights and don’t forget to add Edge Rocks to really give you that complete look.

NOTE: after chlorinating or shocking your pool DO NOT run your waterfall until it is safe to swim in your pool; it will cause a bleached effect ruining the finish of your product!

Normal levels of chlorine will not affect the product.

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Displaying 1-10 of 10 View All