Maldives Kit

Starting at $1,854.99

Serenity Kit

Starting at $3,194.99

Sunset Grove Kit

Starting at $5,789.99

Oasis Kit

Starting at $3,059.99

Tropicana Kit

Starting at $1,064.99

Tahitian Kit

Starting at $5,694.99

Cascades Kit

Starting at $2,769.99

Somerset Kit

Starting at $1,129.99

Spirit Falls Kit

Starting at $1,774.99

Beachcomber Kit

Starting at $3,194.99

Serenity Medium Kit

Starting at $2,054.99

Pool Sample

Starting at $19.99


Our pool waterfalls are designed to be tied into your existing pool equipment, running directly from your pool’s existing pump. We use standard 1½" fittings in our units, though larger fittings are available for an additional charge based on your specific needs. Please note that we do not provide tubing with these units, and we recommend using flexible PVP pipe for during the installation process.




After chlorinating or shocking your pool, do NOT run your waterfall until it is safe to enter. Doing so can result in a bleached effect that could potentially ruin the finish of your product. Normal levels of chlorine, however, will not affect your product.

When selecting the perfect waterfall kit for your pool, be sure to consider its curvature. Our waterfall features have straight edges, and may not fit flush to pools with distinctly round edges. If you’re looking to accent the look of a more convex, curved pool, take a look at our Grotto and Sunbake Falls Waterfalls.

Please note that Universal Rocks does not provide tubing with these units, and recommend using flexible PVC pipe during installation.

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