It was through years of landscaping that Stuart Dunne first began research into the area of artificial rocks and landscapes. Stuart discovered that while these real rocks could be made to blend in with surrounding environments, swimming pools, retaining walls and other areas, there was still one major problem... They were too heavy.

Armed with that knowledge, he set out on the long journey to develop the easy, lightweight alternative that is the diverse and practical range of products that we are proud to present today.

Universal Rocks® is a family business originating in Australia in 1997 and moved its manufacturing facility to Dallas, Texas in 2007 and now exclusively manufacturing here in the United States. Dedicated to producing amazing replicas of the most beautiful features of the Australian Bush and American Landscape, our extensive range covers over six hundred innovative and attractive products - You can't help but find a Universal Rock suitable for your indoor or outdoor use. Not only are all of the Universal Rocks® product range realistic in appearance, easy to transport and simple to install, but they are so strong and durable that they won't be damaged by elements or even little feet, paws or claws!

If you are thinking about a garden renovation, rejuvenating your pool surroundings or even creating your own museum quality aquarium or pet environment, then Universal Rocks® is the ideal solution. What was once a job for the experts is now a simple, lightweight, cost effective alternative for the happy homeowner!

Take a look through our extensive range of products and see for yourself, or send us an email for more information... We'd love to hear from you!


Stuart Dunne

History of Universal Rocks and it's creator - an interview with Stuart Dunne!!



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