Heaters are an essential part of any aquarium, but as we all know, they can take away from the natural and all-encompassing beauty so many enthusiasts work hard to achieve.  At Universal Rocks, we offer a variety of decorative lightweight rock heater covers for aquariums, fish tanks, terrariums and reptile habitats.  They’re perfect for concealing the mechanical aspects of your tank and are available in several sizes and design styles.  See each one in greater detail by clicking any of the images below.

Looking for additional ways to transform your everyday tank into one that’s distinctive and eye-catching?  Be sure to check out our full collection of fish tank features to find the rocks, backgrounds, branches and stumps perfect for giving your aquarium a natural or tropical feel.  To reach our staff for information on shipping, custom orders or any related inquiries, give us a call at 888-807-7011 or write to us through our website’s contact page.

We invite you to discover why Universal Rocks is trusted by industry experts, celebrities and renowned landscape architects everywhere. Browse our full line of faux rocks products, or explore our vast collection of custom aquarium backgrounds and other popular artificial rock decorations.

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