As many fish owners and aquarium enthusiasts already know, adding Cypress Knees to your tank is an excellent way to create a highly realistic flooded river bank environment.  Fish love swimming through branches in an attempt to rest and seek refuge, and Universal Rocks makes it easy and fun to bring that much sought-after element of nature to your own aquarium.

Our lightweight faux Cypress Knees come in a variety of sizes and designs to blend perfectly into fish tanks and aquariums of every size.  When coupled with gravel, plants and lightweight rocks, these remarkably detailed Cypress Knees create a setting that’s as close to nature as possible.  They’re available in our popular Aqua material and can be shipped throughout the US and many countries.

Questions about ordering lightweight aquarium Cypress Knees online, shipping rates or other ways to enhance the look of your tank?  Get in touch with the Universal Rocks team via email through our contact page or call us during regular showroom hours at 888-807-7011.

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