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Cave waterfalls have long been the dream among pool owners from every corner of the globe, however the cost, weight and availability has made them all but impossible to enjoy.  At Universal Rocks, we’ve gone to great lengths to change that.  Our lightweight pool rock grottos are as jaw-dropping as they are affordable, and designed for easy integration into most larger pools and backyard pond settings.

Our revolutionary design and manufacturing process makes it possible to enjoy the awe-inspiring beauty of a 15 ton rock feature in a durable, affordable, 400 pound feature that’s sure to add distinctive sophistication to any backyard oasis.  We impart an innovative process that sandblasts our durable molds with real rock fragments, for a look and texture that’s almost impossible to distinguish from real boulders.

Universal Rocks Pool Grottos are available in your choice of four unique heights:  2.5' tall, 4' tall, 5' tall and 6' tall.  Be sure to see our Grotto Specifications section for more details and important considerations before ordering.  Choose from two gorgeous color options, allowing for limitless creativity and design.

Pool Rock Grotto Kit Includes:

  • Base support rocks (2)
  • Large waterfall rock top piece
  • 18" long lag screws (x4)
  • Color Repair Kit
  • Bolt Cover Rocks (x4)
  • Flexi Rocks to fill gaps (x4)

Grotto Top Section:  9' x 7' x 1'
Grotto Support Rocks: 7' x 5' (Height may vary depending on selection)

All sizes are approximate.  Variations in production, post production and placement of the waterfall will result in height fluctuations.

Click here for the specs


When selecting your waterfall kit you'll need to take into consideration the curvature of your pool. All of our waterfalls have straight edges and won't work on every radius.
For convex curved pools you could use our Grotto waterfall. 

Measurements in US/Imperial

Weight: 400 lbs

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