Rock Grotto Waterfall Specifications and Installation Notes


The approximate clearance on the inside of the grotto is roughly 1 foot less than the height listed. Height is calculated on the rough, outside dimensions.

You want to have the top of the triangle extend out over the pool; the blue arrows indicate the water flow.  The back of the triangle is the back of the grotto and sits on both support rocks. The white circles indicate where the bolts go.

"Grotto" Swimming Pool Waterfall

"Grotto" Swimming Pool Waterfall

  • The plumbing should be able to be run through the rock on the right-hand side where the fitting is, however, it will depend on how far forward or back you place the top rock.
  • There is wood in the top of the support rocks, as well as in the corners of the waterfall. The bolts supplied will need to be screwed into the wood in order to properly secure it.
  • If you want to feed the plumbing through the rock, you will need to drill a hole to accommodate it (in your choice of positions).
  • Some pool owners orientate the support rocks to have a complete cave, while other people want to have a walkthrough in the back.  Either can be accomplished easily.

We strongly recommend securing the support rocks to the deck, especially if people will be climbing on them.  And while it’s not absolutely necessary, please remember that if someone does climb on the waterfall and it’s not securely bolted to the deck it could be at risk of falling in.

Here is a link to an install video for a smaller waterfall though the concept is the same.


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