If your backyard is commonplace for you and your family to gather, why not dress it up a bit with a custom garden pond?

Aside from the obvious beauty of a garden pond, did you know they are environmentally friendly too? Or have you thought about the financial benefits of having a garden pond?

faux rock pond with waterfall in garden with plants

Why A Pond Makes Sense

We have compiled a list of five reasons why homeowners should consider having a custom pond installed in their yards.

  1. Garden ponds are picturesque, and splendor to your backyard. In one piece, your yard will turn from ordinary to extraordinary. You can dress up your pond by planting flowers or bushes, but it's not necessary. Ponds are very appealing all on their own.
  2. Garden ponds can be a key selling point. If you are in the process of selling your home, be sure to point out the garden pond to your real estate agent. Appraisers can increase the value of your home if they find exterior features that enhance the home's appeal.
  3. Number three. Birds will use your garden pond as a source of food and resting place. Birds are attracted to water, so your garden pond will help the natural environment by re-creating their natural habitat.
  4. Number four. A pond gives homeowners a chance to own various species of fish.  Many fish species require a large living space and a pond can provide just that.  Plus, kids will love heading out back to watch the fish swim.
  5. Number five. Listening to running water is naturally calming. Countless people listen to ocean or stream sounds at night to relax. You can do the same in your backyard as water filters into and out of the pond. Reading a book, conversing with friends or taking a nap will become even more enjoyable.


Custom Garden Pond