Anyone who owns an aquarium, terrarium or reptile habitat understands that one of the primary goals is to create an environment that’s as natural and realistic as possible. Aside from the use of custom backgrounds, plants and gravel, adding rocks to your enclosure is a wonderful way to provide a more comfortable setting for your fish and reptiles, as well as a more naturalistic appearance to terrariums. But rocks are heavy, often dirty, and can be costly to ship. This makes our lightweight artificial rocks the perfect solution!

artificial rocks in reptile habitat and aquarium

At Universal Rocks, we manufacture stunningly realistic lightweight faux rocks that are almost indistinguishable from real rocks found in nature. They’re affordable, highly-detailed, and provide the perfect place for fish, snakes and reptiles to hide, rest and play in a setting that closely resembles what they would experience in the wild.

  • Lightweight decorative rocks to add depth and realism
  • Rock ledges and ledge kits for fish tanks and reptile enclosures
  • River stone clusters in a wide range of colors and sizes
  • Cave rocks and realistic rock combination packages
  • An extensive selection of highly detailed Holey rocks
  • Browse our full collection of aquarium and reptile tank accessories

Our lightweight artificial rocks are unlike anything you’re likely to find at the local pet supply store. Each one is molded from real rocks found in places like Australia and Texas, and carefully painted with real rock fragments to give them an appearance and texture that closely resembles the real thing. They’re perfect for decorating aquariums, reptile enclosures, snake habitats and terrariums, and far easier to move, clean and reposition as needed.

Check out all of our lightweight aquarium rocks to find the ones that complement your enclosure perfectly, or get in touch for more information about shipping, custom orders or other related inquiries. Universal Rocks is based in the Dallas, TX area and ships throughout the US and many international destinations. We can be reached 888-807-7011 for more info, or write to us through our contact page.