The coloring process of our products involves the meticulous blending of sands and crushed rock, without the use of paints or stains. It is important to note that due to the nature of the hand mixing technique, there may be variations in colors. While we make every effort to ensure consistency among our products, we cannot guarantee an exact match between rocks produced in different batches.

Furthermore, accurately representing the true colors of our products through photographs is a challenging task. Factors such as the specific camera used, lighting conditions, and variations in screen displays can significantly influence the perceived colors. Therefore, we advise that the colors depicted in photos are approximate and may not precisely reflect the actual appearance of the products.

It is essential to acknowledge that Universal Rocks cannot be held liable for any discrepancies or mismatched colors that may arise as a result of the inherent variations in the hand-coloring process or the challenges associated with accurately portraying colors through digital media.

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