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Castle Rock

The Oasis Swimming Pool Waterfall also known as Cave (PCAVE-004) is a large sized overhang waterfall, sold mostly for the swimming pool market. It can be easily retrofitted and set up on large sized ponds weighing only 80 to 90 ponds. Two people can easily pick up and lift into place.

The Edge Rocks designed to go with this as pictured in the video are: ER-010 & ER-011.

This Oasis Kit includes:

  • 1 x PCAVE-004 (Rock Waterfall)
  • 1 x ER-010 (side Edge Rock)
  • 1 x ER-011 (side Edge Rock).
  • 1 x Color Repair Kit
  • 1 x Dispersion Rock-003

All universal Rocks products come with a 5 year Limited Warranty (see fully warranty in our Blog section).

Kit Dimensions (All measurements are approximate)

Weight: 49 kg
Fitting Size: 40 mm
Tube Size: 40 mm

Weight: 107.8 lbs
Fitting Size: 1.5 in
Tube Size: 1.5 in

Recommended GPH: 1200-1800 gallons per hour

Item PCAVE-004 ER-010 ER-011 Kit Length inches Kit Length feet
Length 68" 32" 35" 135" 11  1/4'
Width 39" 23" 22"    
Height 34" 11" 12"    

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Dispersion Rocks are designed to push the water that is coming out of the fitting around instead of up creating a better flow and in some cases can allow for more water flow without risking the water leaking or shooting out off the waterfall.

With a Color repair kit. You can fix or patch any issue that was caused by cutting, installing or some other man-made issue. This oxide kit is the base of how we color and when applied will blend with your color of rock /pond/waterfall or background

Kit comes with

color oxide needed to match your color ordered

a paintbrush

** You will need an adhesive of some sort** (We prefer silicone)

 1- Apply adhesive to the affected area

 2- wet brush lightly

 3- dip brush in oxide

 4- dab brush into wet adhesive (do not paint it on dab it on creating textures)

 5- Let dry and rinse and reapply if necessary

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