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With a touch up kit you can fix or patch any area that was caused by cutting, installing or some other man-made issue. This oxide kit is the base of how we color and when applied will blend with your color of rock /pond/waterfall or background.

Kits include the following;

4oz of each color 4oz of each color 8oz of each color 16oz of each color 32oz of each color
1x 1" brush 1x 2" brush 1x 2" brush 1x 4" brush 2x 4" brush
2x 1/2oz silicone 1x 10oz silicone 2x 10oz silicone 4x 10oz silicone 8x 10oz silicone
X X X 1x Knife 1x knife
X X X X 1x knife sharpener

Used for backgrounds, DIY ledges and screw heads

Used for Waterfall installs, larger enclosures

Used for larger waterfall installs, multiple enclosures, smaller panels

Used for larger panel installs, or multiple smaller panels

Used for multiple large panels, multiple projects, zoo enclosures


1x 10oz tube of silicone roughly seems an 8' length at a single 1/4" bead.


 1- Apply adhesive to the affected area

 2- Dip brush in oxide 

 3- Dab brush into wet adhesive (do not paint it on dab it on creating textures)

 4- Let dry and rinse and reapply if necessary

Touch up example videos below.



Choose from three gorgeous color options to allow for limitless creativity and design.




*Please note, all finishes will have slight variations of these colors.

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