An effective and natural looking way to help improve water flow or add to an aquarium.

Universal Rocks
Dispersion Rocks

If you’re looking for an effective and natural looking way to help improve water flow from your waterfall or cascading feature, Dispersion Rocks from Universal Rocks are an outstanding choice. 



They get their name from their ability to help guide water in a more even and efficient manner, to create a setting that’s as relaxing as it is pleasing to the senses.  We offer our lightweight artificial dispersion rocks in four distinct varieties, making them perfect on their own or when paired with others.

Like all Universal Rocks products, these faux dispersion rocks are lightweight, easy to install and reposition, and created here at our Garland TX facility.  They’re custom molded from real rocks as they occur in nature, and carefully colored using real stone bits for an appearance and texture that’s almost indistinguishable from real stones.  We ship affordably throughout the US and many countries, and staff a team of experts to answer questions or help you find the perfect combination.

For more information, information on shipping or questions about ordering online, call Universal Rocks toll-free at  888-807-7011 or write to us anytime through our website’s contact page.

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