It makes no difference if you’re brand new to aquarium ownership or have been enjoying them throughout your entire life. When the time comes to create a truly one-of-a-kind aquarium, the accessories and decorative products you select will play a key role in the health and happiness of your pets, while achieving a look that’s unmistakably distinctive. For those seeking a look that can’t be created with products from the local pet store, Universal Rocks offers a diverse selection of everything you’ll need to make your aquarium stand out.

faux rocks and background panel in aquarium tank with tropical fish

Regardless of whether you’re partial to fish or more into reptiles, we manufacture an extensive line of superior quality aquarium accessories to create a setting that’s incredibly realistic, safe for your pets, and easy to maintain. Here’s just a sampling of the many aquarium products we offer for those looking to create the perfect habitat for their fish and reptiles:

  • A full selection of realistic aquarium backgrounds in many styles and sizes
  • Artificial trees products, cypress stumps, Mangrove roots, Mistwood, and more
  • One of the largest collections of lightweight artificial aquarium rocks anywhere
  • A complete selection of realistic decorative accessories and pump covers
  • Artificial aquarium plants to give your fish tank a more natural appearance
  • Logs, ledges, and hiding structures for added distinction and happier pets

One of the most wonderful aspects of aquarium ownership, is the fact that no two aquariums are ever quite the same, and there’s no limit to how clever or creative you can get. All of our products are manufactured at our facility in Texas, using the safest and most durable materials possible. Browse our Fish and Reptiles pages to see our complete collection of aquarium accessories, or get in touch with our staff for information on shipping, custom orders, or other related inquires.

Universal Rocks is located at 805 Shepherd Drive in Garland, TX and serves customers locally, throughout the United States, and many international locations. We can be reached by phone toll-free at 888-807-7011 or locally at 972-412-7179, or get in touch via email through our website’s contact page.