Malawi Rock - Custom

Starting at $0.34

Texas Wall - Custom

Starting at $0.34

Rocky - Custom

Starting at $0.19

Crevice - Custom

Starting at $0.32

Crystal Wall - Custom

Starting at $0.26

Wilson's Ridge - Custom

Starting at $0.34

Cavern Wall - Custom

Starting at $0.36

BackGround Clips

Starting at $19.99

Basalt - Custom

Starting at $0.36


**ALWAYS USE INTERIOR DIMENSIONS WHEN MEASURING FOR THESE PRODUCTS**Rinse the background with a hose or power washer to get rid of excess coloring before placing it into the reptile enclosure (please keep in mind that there will always be some color residue, though it is not harmful).The best way to install Universal Rocks backgrounds is using silicone or screws - depending on what your enclosure is made out of.Secure the background first and let the silicone cure before adding any substrate or decorations.


FOR ENCLOSURES WITH CENTERBRACES: If one of the measurements of your background (Length or Height) is SMALLER than the size of the opening, the background will fit!

If you are wanting a three sided background please select a custom style background and color and email measurements and photos of your reptile enclosure to place an order or give us a call at 888-807-7011.

We do NOT recommend clips for the Cavern Wall, Wilson's Ridge, Malawi, or Texas Wall Background styles.

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