Suitable for turtles and frogs to rest on or sun themselves. These are just the most life like replicas of tree branches you will see in the market place, making them a beautiful and extremely useful extra log for almost any size pond. Perfect for giving your turtles and frogs a safe and great sunning spot in your pond and also a hiding spot for your Koi or Gold fish. All different sizes available to suit small to large turtles and fish. Each log comes with a stainless steel attachment point in the underneath area of the log for easy anchoring. Simply tie some string and/or fishing line to the stainless steel eyelet and connect to rock on the bottom of the pond to help hold in place in our pond. If you are creating this natural environment much like nature, then you could easily put a piece or two of these perfect replicas of weathered old tree branches into your finished garden mater piece.

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