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Option #1- Glue them on.
Using silicone or an adhesive like M1. Spread the glue around the back edges, place it where you want it, then place a heavy object on top or simply hold it in place until dry.

Option #2- Screw them on.
Simply drill a few screws in the ledge at whatever direction works best (straight across, diagonal, ect.). This is best, if done in places not seen. You can use our Touch Up Kits to cover the screw heads making them invisible! This option is great for wooden or PVC cages.

Option #3- Spray foam them on.
Using a spray expandable foam product (foam can). Fill the inside of the ledge with the foam, then place it where you want it. You will want to put a heavy object on top to weigh it down while the foam expands and dries. It will most likely come out of the bottom but that is not a worry, once dry, cut away the extra foam at the bottom. You can use our Color Kit to blend the areas of the foam or seams showing.

Option #4- Combine any of the options above.
If you have a large ledge and/or a heavier animal that will be using the ledge; you may want to combine a few of the ways listed above. Example: You could fill the ledge with foam and drill screws through it.


These DIY Ledges are hollow inside so there is one open side on each ledge.

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