What Universal Rocks loves most about our garden pond collection is that you can customize it to your liking. As we embrace the Halloween season, this is the perfect moment to transform your garden pond into a spooky spectacle that's sure to be a graveyard smash. Universal Rocks is thrilled to share some of our favorite Halloween decor ideas to help you get into the spirit.

faux rock pond with waterfall and halloween decorations


Creating a captivating Halloween ambiance around your garden pond is a breeze, and Universal Rocks is here to guide you through it. Begin by weaving affordable faux cobwebs, readily available at Walmart, Lowe’s, Home Depot, or Amazon for under $10, around your pond, draping them from the water's edge down to the ground and over garden plants

Spooky LED Lighting

To cast an eerie glow, introduce spooky LED lighting with shades like purple and orange, setting the mood perfectly. You can source a variety of lighting options from Spirit Halloween or Amazon, often priced under $40.

Eerie Mist

For an extra layer of Halloween mystique, add a chilling mist using a fog machine or dry ice. The combination of cobwebs, LED lighting, and mist will take your Halloween decor to the next level. You can purchase fog machines at Amazon, Lowe’s, or Spirit Halloween, usually for under $50.

Floating Jack-o’-Lanterns

Surprisingly, jack-o’-lanterns won't sink in your pond- the density of water actually makes them float. Enhance your garden pond's spooky allure by placing several floating jack-o’-lanterns in the water. We suggest mini pumpkins if you have limited space.

A Skeleton Lounging Pondside

Posing a full-sized plastic skeleton at the edge of your garden pond is another way to jazz up your pond’s spooky feel without little effort. These are more budget-friendly than you might expect and available at stores like Spirit Halloween and Target for no more than $70.

Haunted Sound Effects

For a fully immersive experience, incorporate haunted sound effects such as footsteps, ghostly moans, and haunting organ pipes. You can achieve this easily by placing any speaker in your garden area and playing halloween sounds that suit your spooky taste.

Customize Your Spooky Pond with Universal Rocks

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