Adding water features to your home, business or resort has a unique way of automatically improving both the visuals and value of your property.  For many, though, this upgrade does not come without a long list of concerns.  Will my new pond be safe for the kids?  How big should the water features be?  Am I liable if someone falls in?  And the list of what-if's goes on.

But what if there was a way to install a stunning new water feature on your property, without having to also install a personal pond to complement it?  In this article we'll take you through a similar project which presented the design team at Universal Rocks this very challenge.

Custom Water Features Designed for Safety and Beauty

We began working with an apartment complex in the Dallas Fort Worth area, who was interested in having a custom pond-free water feature installed on their rental property.  The goal was to add a water feature that would enhance the beauty of the grounds, without the risk of a child falling in or being injured.  The end result, as you can see from the pictures, is a gorgeous 10' custom rock waterfall, on a space that occupies an area of approximately 12' x 10'.

Specifications of this Water Feature Install

  • Waterfall dimensions measure 10' L x 5' W x 8' H
  • Water circulates using a 6,000 GP/H pond pump
  • Cascading water is dispensed from three outlets
  • 6 rock lights installed for night viewing and detail enhancement
  • Firmly secured to the ground using concreted posts for stability
  • Strong enough to support those who may jump or climb on it

For those of you planning on installing a custom rock waterfall on your own, be sure to call some friends.  Though these are not nearly as heavy as real rocks, they can be bulky.  We used 5 people to lift this structure over a four-foot fence, based mainly on the size of the larger faux boulders.  If you're thinking of having us install is, please keep in mind that structures similar to this one require a one-day installation.

If you're in the Dallas area and would like to know more about our custom pond and waterfall installations, or are interested in our large collection of ultra-realistic faux rocks, give us a call at 972-412-7179 or visit our new showroom in Garland TX.

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