Ledge Style


**ALWAYS USE INTERIOR DIMENSIONS WHEN MEASURING FOR THESE PRODUCTS**Rinse the background with a hose or power washer to get rid of excess coloring before placing it into the fish tank (please keep in mind that there will always be some color residue, though it is not harmful).The best way to install Universal Rocks Ledge Style Backgrounds is using silicone or clips.

We recommend keeping the fish tank dry during installation. Below are two options on how we recommend installing the Ledge Style Background:Option 1: Using clips - Clip the top of the background first then let the substrate help secure the bottom of the background in place.Option 2: Using silicone - secure the background first and let the silicone cure before adding any substrate, decorations, water, and fish. We recommend draining the aquarium at least half way. For a tight fit, carefully create a trench by moving the substrate out of the way, giving just enough room for the background. This way the gravel will help secure the bottom of the background in place while the silicone or clips will help secure the middle and top in place. (If using silicone, give time for the silicone to cure before refilling the aquarium.)**For established aquariums (6 months +) we suggest doing a gravel vacuum water change one day prior to installing your Universal Rocks background. If maintenance has been consistent we see no concern with installing right away. **


All Ledge Backgrounds arrive half an inch shorter than what is shown, to ensure a perfect fit and are ONLY available in brown.

If you are wanting a three sided background please select a custom style background and color and email info@universalrocks.com with measurements and photos of your aquarium to place an order or give us a call at 888-807-7011.

Our ledge aquarium backgrounds come in a variety of sizes, and protrusion depths, which vary from 2” to 4” in smaller tanks and anywhere from 3” to 7” for larger aquariums.

There’s plenty of room for heaters and other accessories.

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