​​As a growing number of aquarium enthusiasts are discovering every day, holey rock is a wonderful way to improve the beauty and natural living conditions of your tank.  In addition to giving your aquarium a more distinct and exotic look, Holey rock also helps create an environment that provides more places for your fish to explore, play or simply enjoy some privacy.

Of course, sourcing just the right size holey rock is neither cheap nor convenient depending on where you live.  Using lightweight faux holey rocks, however, is an affordable way to give your fish tank a completely new look without making major changes.

  • Lightweight holey rocks look amazing and are easy to install
  • Molded from real holey rocks found in Texas
  • An affordable, convenient alternative to real holey rock
  • Available in many sizes for small, large and custom aquariums
  • Provides a more fun and natural environment for your fish
  • Colored using real rock materials for stunning realism
  • Some pieces are flexible, giving you more options for customization.
 20 decorock holey rock for fish tanks

Why Lightweight Holey Rocks for Fish Tanks?

Let's face it; adding heavy rocks to your tank is always a bit risky.  Bottoms give out, rocks get knocked over, and they can make the process of cleaning your aquarium a real chore.  This is where artificial rocks have a huge advantage.  They're super easy to install, can be removed and cleaned almost effortlessly, and look nearly identical to the real rocks you'd find in nature with the possibility of cutting more holes in the rocks at any time to create a truly unique piece for you and your fish to enjoy.

From a functional perspective, adding holey rock provides an endless array of holes and hideouts for fish to explore and play.  This is important to ensure that your fish and marine pets are healthy, active and happy.  Finally, adding fish tank holey rocks is arguably one of the most affordable ways to customize your aquarium without spending a small fortune.

Ready to Order Faux Holey Rocks?

With so many possible tank size combinations, we recommend checking out our Holey Rock section to find the size that best suits your needs.  This 20" decorock is one of our most recent additions, though there are many more sizes and styles available. If you have questions or would like to know more about our complete line of lightweight artificial rocks, call us at 888-807-7011 or write to us!