Whether you've just moved into a home with an in-ground pool or recently had one installed, making it truly your own is something that many homeowners struggle with.  Understandably, many end up adding elements such as diving boards or even a slide.  And while these are both fun, they don't really do much to enhance the unique, naturalistic qualities of your backyard.  Adding natural landscapes is clearly the best way to create a more natural setting, but huge rocks are not cheap.  And once they're in place, that's exactly where they'll be staying.

At Universal Rocks we've been helping pool owners completely customize the look and feel of their backyard water retreat, by offering a diverse selection of visually-realistic, lightweight artificial rocks that look amazing and offer limitless creativity.

  • Lightweight, highly-realistic looking faux rocks to accent or surround your pool
  • Molded and designed from real rocks found in nature for stunning realism
  • Substantially less expensive and easy to install compared to real boulders
  • Options include artificial accent rocks, waterfall overhangs, grottos and more!
  • The easiest and most affordable way to turn your pool into a tropical paradise
  • Faux pool stones available in many colors with authentic texture and appearance

In-ground pool with faux rock waterfall

Water Features & Fountains for In-Ground Pools

If you're looking for something that will absolutely WOW your guests during those summer pool parties, a flowing rock waterfall or enclosed grotto is sure to make your property stand out.  Water features add a dynamic element of sophistication and can be installed in just a few hours.  And if you're looking for the ultimate in custom pool features, adding a grotto is a guaranteed way to take your oasis to the upper echelon.

Universal Rocks Makes it Easy to Transform Your Pool

As our customers will quickly admit, Universal Rocks is the place to shop when adding faux stones and water features to your pool.  Our products are engineered to be durable yet lightweight, while offering exquisite detail and texture you won't find anywhere else.  We have an amazing selection of artificial stone and holey rocks, water features, aquariums and 3D backgrounds and so much more to help you create just the right look.

We ship to the entire US and invite you to visit our huge, redesigned showroom if you're in the Dallas or Garland TX area.  For more info give us a call at 972-412-7179 or toll-free at 888-807-7011 and we'll be happy to help!