Tools and Hardware Required:

* This may vary depending on which Waterfall you have.

  • 3" Exterior Deck Screws
  • 3/8" Concrete Drill Bit (no shorter than 6")
  • 6-10' of 2" Spa Flex
  • Appropiate Size Coupling SCH 40
  • 3/8" Wide Anchors x 3" Long Wedge Anchors
  • PVC Cutter or Sawzall
  • Carpenter Pencils or Chalk
  • Hand Drill or Impact Drill
  • Hammer
  • x14 or more Pressure-Treated 2x4 Blocks (8" Long)
  • PVC Glue & Cleaner
  • Hammer Drill
  • Sharp Straight Edge Knife
  • UR Touch Up Kit

Now that you have all of your supplies to complete this installation, follow the instructions below. (steps may vary depending on what waterfall you have and the curve of your pool.)


2" PVC Pipe should be coming out of the ground. Cut if needed - Leave about 6"-8".

Place the waterfall and rocks where you would like to install it - over the 2" pipe.

If gap is visible to the side. You will need to modify it.

Fiqure out where the rock edge touches the coping and even it out by cutting the rock with a sharp knife.

Check to see if it fits the coping evenly. If not, continue cutting.

Once you like where all the rocks are placed. Outline the rock using chalk or pencil.

After you have outlined the rocks in the correct place. Flip the rocks over, placing them behind the outlines.

This is what your outline should look like.

Now you will place the blocks down where you will be screwing them into the concrete. (x3 block per edge rock & 5 or more for your waterfall)

You will now drill two holes on each block and through the concrete.

Vacuum up the excess dust from the wood blocks and the holes after you have finished drilling.

Line up holes and hammer down the bolts into the holes you created.

With an impact drill you are going to fasten the nuts down the bolts.

You will now draw lines outward from the blocks, so you know where to put your screws.

Prep PVC fittings and Flex Pipe to rest everything will line up.

Depending on the size of the flex pipe, you will need to get the appropriate size coupling to make it fit into the new elbow opening.

This is an example of 1" flex pipe attached to a 2" reducer coupling.

You will now clean and glue both the coupling & elbow, now place coupling into the elbow.

Hold down the glued coupling for 10+ seconds.

Now place the glued elbow onto the stubbed up PVC pipe. Make sure to twist 1/4 turn to let pop all the air bubbles within.

You will then glue the flex pipe to the coupling inside of the elbow.

Clean and glue waterfall fitting as well as other coupling.

Hold down coupling in waterfall fitting for 10+ seconds.

Next, you will figure out how much flex pipe you'll need. Enough to make a loop like the image above.

Cut of the exess flex pipe.

Glue flex pipe into coupling/fitting.

Put all flex pipe inside waterfall and flip waterfall and rocks over. Place them over the mounted blocks.

Now you will screw from the outside of the rocks, directly into the blocks underneath. (Hint: using your lines beforehand)

You will now put silicon/M-1 around the edges and screw heads.

Use a glove to spread the silicon evenly.

Grab the paint brush and dip into the coloring and directly onto the spread silicon, camouflaging the spots.

Vacuum excess coloring.

Landscape around your pool, turn on your pool-waterfall return line at your equipment and ta-dah!

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