Transpose your garden's visitors to a world of magic with a fairy garden. Consider one of our pre-carved rocks for a quick and easy fairy garden template. Fairy gardens pair well with almost any theme garden, and certainly add a touch of happiness to the outdoor landscape of your yard. Luckily, these are becoming something of a trend, and fairy memorabilia is not only easy to find, but affordable and ubiquitous. Even small fairy figurines and trees fill the shelves at most nurseries and hardware stores. Early-spring prices are usually the lowest you'll see until late summer, so get started on your garden soon.

artificial rock fairy garden

We love these magical embellishments for your garden, so we have a few pointers to throw your way. Here are a few things that every fairy garden needs!

A place for fairies to congregate

Fairy Garden faux rock


Where there are fairies there are usually majestic wonders nearby. If you have a pond or a swimming pool near the garden, consider a waterfall similar to the one below.

Garden Water Fall faux rock

A Path for Fairies

Continue the theme by adding small stepping-stones. These can lead into a mysterious part of the garden, or to a pond- whichever works for the mood of your garden.

Majestic Fairy Music

To add to the setting, consider metal or glass wind chimes to add subtle and random music from nature to the garden.