If you’ve been wanting to give your backyard swimming pool a new look but aren’t sure which direction to go, adding lightweight, realistic faux edge rocks is definitely something worth considering. Unlike natural stone which can require heavy equipment and a great deal of effort, lightweight rocks are easy to order, simple to install, and far more forgiving should you need to move them.

At Universal Rocks we create stunningly realistic lightweight edge rocks in a wide range of sizes. Here are just a few reasons to consider making them a part of your newly improved pool or backyard oasis.

Artificial Edge Rocks for your Swimming Pool

Realistic Detail Created from Natural Stone

It’s easy to confuse high-quality artificial rocks with the countless number of cheap, plastic decorations that some companies sell. The products we sell here at Universal Rocks are designed, molded and textured using a state of the art process we’ve honed over several decades. Each one is painstakingly designed from stones found in nature, and fine grains of rock are sandblasted on to give the appearance of the stone it was inspired by.  They’re lightweight, yet very durable and almost impossible to tell apart.

Effortless Installation

Anyone who’s ever undertaken the process of ordering large stones, arranging delivery and going through the process of setting them in place will tell you that it’s quite the task.  With lightweight faux rocks, they can be easily positioned in place, and just as easily repositioned in the event that you move or rearrange or redecorate your pool design.  Best of all, they look just as impressive as the real thing without the need for forklifts and teams of people tracking through your yard.

Shipped to Your Door with Zero Stress

The freight costs associated with having larger stones or boulders delivered can be more expensive than many pool owners realize, and this alone makes the lightweight alternative far more appealing. At Universal Rocks we ship all sizes of edge rocks throughout the country, as well as many international destinations.  Additionally, it you decide down the road to expand your pool area with additional rocks, we offer a diverse collection of accent stones and other accessories to match your property to perfection.

See Our Full Collection of Beautiful Lightweight Edge Rocks

Ready to give your pool a tropical or more naturalistic look this summer?  Check out Universal Rocks’ full offering of realistic lightweight swimming pool rocks to find the style perfect for your home or property.  Questions about ordering online or shipping?  Get in touch with our team by calling 972-412-7179 in the Dallas area, or toll-free at 888-807-7011.