When it comes to creating a living space that screams ambiance and originality, few things can match the impact that Dragonstone wall panels offer. They have the ability to instantly transform even the most plain-looking room, making it a wonderful addition for living rooms, offices, home theaters, reading rooms, basement bars, and countless others. At Universal Rocks, we’re proud to offer stunningly-realistic lightweight Dragonstone rock wall panels to help you create the perfect interior environment.

Faux rock wall accent in living room

Whether you’re looking to accent a single wall or completely change the dynamic of your favorite interior spaces, our artificial Dragonstone rock wall panels are a wonderful choice. They’re designed to mimic the look and texture of real rocks found in nature, hand-crafted at our facility in Texas, and virtually indistinguishable from the real thing.

  • Large Dragonstone wall panels for decorating, remodeling, or accenting
  • Panels are approximately 16’ by 9’ to accommodate many wall sizes
  • Shipped weight of a single Dragonstone rock wall panel is 88 lbs.
  • Installs easily using only a staple gun and can be trimmed for precision
  • We’re offering FREE shipping on Dragonstone panels for a limited time!
  • All rock wall panels and products are made from safe, durable materials

When you need a break from plain walls that do little to inspire the imagination, adding a Dragonstone rock wall panel from Universal Rocks is a guaranteed way to improve the look and feel of any interior living space. Be sure to check out our complete collection of lightweight rock wall panels, to find the one that perfectly matches your personality, lifestyle, and interior design preferences.

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