Your Patio Pond Kit has these major components:

patio pond kits

  • Begin by placing the rock liner on a relatively flat and level surface. Place the rock surround over the rock liner. Now is the time to look at the alignment to be sure that the patio pond looks good in your installation – there are some alignment grooves which have been molded into the top of the rock surround – these grooves should go toward the back of the pond – the ends of your waterfall should align with these grooves when it is installed.
  • Place the waterfall on to the rock surround – you will have to move it around a bit to achieve the best fit.
  • Your pond should now be ready to fill with water – please leave it a few inches from full to achieve the proper sound when running.
  • Connect the water pump to the waterfall using the tubing which is provided. Plug in the pump – we recommend using a GFCI protected, outdoor rated plug.
  • Please consult with a qualified electrician if you are unsure of your connection.
  • The pump cover rock has been included to help you disguise the rock and tubing – please place this rock in front of your pump.
  • Place dispersion pebbles in the water outlet of the waterfall as well as scattered about the surface of the waterfall – these dispersion pebbles can be moved to help you fine tune the flow of your waterfall.

Maintenance Tips:

Due to evaporation you will need to occasionally top off your pond with fresh water – be sure to use the proper treatment to make your water safe for fish.

If you wish to remove algae you can use a pressure washer.

Water plants will improve the look of your pond and in many cases will help to reduce algae.

Various size pebbles placed along the bottom edge of the pond will help to disguise the cut edge of the pond and will improve the over-all look of the installation.
The use of plants around the pond will add to your enjoyment.