For many years the allure of having a personal grotto has captured the imagination of pool owners from every corner of the globe.  They're rare and impressive and arguably one of the most distinct ways to make your in-ground pool stand out from all others on the block.  They're also big, and until recently, this has been a key detriment to those who have dreamed of having their own backyard version of Hugh Hefner's poolside retreat.

The highly-advanced process we use here at Universal Rocks, as many of our customers will attest to, has changed everything.  Our innovative technique of creating decorative rock structures that are realistic and surprisingly lightweight, allows pool owners to install magnificent grottos without the need for cranes or massive boulders.

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Advantages of Installing a Grotto

Where do we start?  Regardless of which perspective you view it from, the benefits of adding a grotto to your pool are boundless.  They have a way of instantly transforming even the most boring backyard pool into something you only see in magazines and on TV.  Also, they can add great value to your property in the event that you're planning a move in the near future.  Finally, they create an environment that is uniquely soothing and therapeutic; perfect for meditation, relaxation or the much needed romantic evening with that special loved one.

Choosing the Right Grotto for Your Pool

Deciding which type of grotto to install essentially comes down to two key factors: how much you're budgeted for, and how big/impressive you want to go.  Smaller pools and yards with limited space may do well with one of our 2.5' grottos, as they require less of a footprint while still providing a completely new look.  For those with larger properties or pools that are of considerable size, you can go all-out with a 6' tall cave-style grotto complete with waterfall and cascading features.

If a grotto has been something you've wanted to add to your in-ground pool, but are unsure of where to start, we can help guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have.  Read more about our line of pool grotto products or contact Universal Rocks for expert help or more information on our complete line of artificial lightweight rocks.