A self-contained water fountain is a beautiful addition to any garden, and is a great way to add the sound of trickling water to your garden or patio without having to worry about an external pump or plumbing. With the Universal Rocks, we create a variety of different self-contained fountain kits, and we’ll show you how easy it is to install one yourself.

faux rock pond with waterfall in backyard

As you’ll notice with the Mayan Water Fountain Kit, it comes with the fountain, pump and tubing, and pump cover rock. The pump cover rock is included to help hide the pump and tubing so they’re not showing. We recommend placing this rock in front of your pump. Here are a few more instructions and tips as you set up your new water fountain:

  • Choose a level spot in your yard for the fountain. It's important to make sure that the ground is level so that the water flows evenly over the rocks. You can also set this fountain up indoors, if you’d like, too!
  • Once you've chosen a spot, the pump and tubing will already be attached to your unit, so all you have to do is simply fill the basin with water.
  • Next, plug in the pump. We recommend using a GFCI-protected, outdoor rated plug. If you have any questions at all about safety or how to properly connect this, please consult with a qualified electrician.
  • Next, place the dispersion pebbles over the water outlet of the fountain, as well as scattered about the surface of the rock. These pebbles can be moved to help you fine-tune the flow of your waterfall, and to help improve the overall look of the installation.
  • To further customize your waterfall, feel free to decorate the area with plants, pebbles, and other accessories to truly make it yours.
  • The only thing that’s left is to enjoy your new fountain and relax!

Adding a water fountain is a great way to add some beauty and relaxation to your backyard oasis. With a Universal Rocks self-contained unit, it's easy to do it. Follow these simple steps and you'll be enjoying the sound of running water in no time at all.

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