At Universal Rocks, we spent a great deal of time designing our ledge-style reptile backgrounds for those with pets who love to explore, hide and bask in the comforts of a highly realistic looking surrounding.  Additionally, we took into consideration those fish and reptiles who especially enjoy picking algae from crevices and complex edges.  We offer our ledge-style backgrounds in 23 different sizes to accommodate most enclosures.


The measurements listed are external tank measurements.

The backgrounds are around 1/2" to 3/4" shorter for each dimension listed to be close to fitting into a tank with the listed external measurements.

Each ledge-style background from Universal Rocks is created from natural ledge formations in Australia, and carefully textured with real stone to present an appearance that’s virtually identical to that found in nature.  Our smaller tank backgrounds have approximately 2-4” of protrusion, while our larger ledge backgrounds protrude anywhere from 3-7”.  They’re easy to install and leave plenty of room for your heaters and other aquarium accessories.

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