You've seen them on television and movies, and who among us hasn't done a little dreaming about what it would be like to own an ultra-luxurious rock hot tub.  Thanks to Universal Rocks innovative process of creating stunning, highly realistic-looking lightweight rocks, we're making it possible to enjoy the spoils of having a rock hot tub installed on your patio or property.

Advantages of Faux Rock Hot Tubs

While most patio hot tubs have but one function, a Faux Rock Hot Tub from Universal Rocks has a wide range of benefits.  Here are a few of the reasons to consider adding one to your home.

Supreme Luxury at a Fraction of the Price

The cost to move, transport and position large rocks is a major factor in the price of stone hot tubs.  As a result, they're generally limited to the homes of rock stars, celebrities and others with exceedingly high incomes.  By using artificial stones in place of real ones, having a custom rock hot tub is now a reality for virtually any homeowner.  Universal Rocks has been honing its process over the past 15 years, and today we're proud to produce large artificial rocks with remarkable detail and realism that can be used to create breathtaking hot tubs.

Available as a Hot Tub or Pond Feature

If you're in a climate that enjoys a year-round warmer temperature, you may choose to operate your rock tub as a natural pond without the pumps and plumbing.  Or, as many do, you can go the traditional route with pumps, jets and heaters for the ultimate relaxation experience.  Regardless of which option you choose, rock hot tubs give you the freedom to create a highly-customized setting that's perfect for your home or patio.

Custom Hot Tub

Doubles as a Gorgeous Water Feature When Not In Use

When you walk into someone's back yard and see a traditional hot tub, there's simply no mistaking what it is.  Rock hot tubs, on the other hand, have a look that is familiar to what you would find in nature.  This makes them an ideal water feature when not being used for therapeutic purposes.  Depending on the specific setup you prefer, rock hot tubs can be customized with features such as waterfalls, fountains and floating pond products.

At Universal Rocks we offer custom hot tubs in both large and small sizes.  Our small rock hot tub measures 8' X 6' with a 30" depth at center.  Our large rock hot tub is an impressive 12' x 8' with a depth of 48".  To learn more about having one installed in your home, call Universal Rocks in Dallas at 972-412-7179, or outside the Dallas area at 888-807-7011.