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We have two sizes available for our new Hot tub / Spa. Your spa will not only give you the relaxing enjoyment that any spa does, but you create a natural garden feature when you're not using it. These can be purchased just as a pond with no plumbing or complete with jets plumbed ready with a suitable heater, pump and filter.

If you live in the Dallas, Fort Worth area, you can call for an onsite quotation for complete installation and landscaping to suit your needs. Please note prices shown here on our website do not include installation, decking or landscaping shown in pictures.

As you will see there is also a Waterfall placed ontop of the Spa/Hot Tubs - this is also an optional extra for each product. Prices are outlined with and without waterfall.

LARGE HOT TUB - 12ft x 8ft x 3-1/2ft

SMALL HOT TUB - 8ft x 6ft x 30"

We invite you to discover why Universal Rocks is trusted by industry experts, celebrities and renowned landscape architects everywhere. Browse our full line of faux rocks products, or explore our vast collection of custom aquarium backgrounds and other popular artificial rock decorations.

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