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PCAVE-004 - "The Oasis" - Swimming Pool Waterfall


Price: $1,702.99

The Oasis Swimming Pool Waterfall also known as Cave (PCAVE-004) is a large sized overhang waterfall, sold mostly for the swimming pool market. It can be easily retrofitted and set up on large sized ponds weighing only 80 to 90 ponds. Two people can easily pick up and lift into place. 

The Edge Rocks designed to go with this as pictured in the video are: ER-010 & ER-011. Please note these edge rocks do not come automatically when you order this cave. As not everyone has room on their pool for edge rocks, these are optional. If you would like to order the side rocks to complete the look of this swimming pool waterfall, then please add them to your basket.

Measurements in Metric

Length: 173 cm
Width: 99 cm
Height: 86.5 cm
Weight: 36 kg
Fitting Size: 40 mm
Tube Size: 40 mm

Measurements in US/Imperial

Length: 68 in
Width: 39 in
Height: 34.5 in
Weight: 79.2 lbs
Fitting Size: 1.5 in
Tube Size: 1.5 in