Grotto - Available in 4 Heights


Price: $4,998.00

Having a cave waterfall has long been a fantasy of many pond and pool owners for years, but has been out of reach because of things like cost weight and availability. Not anymore! Universal Rocks® has developed a beautiful Grotto waterfall designed for use on many pools and larger style ponds. Our revolutionary manufacturing process turns a 15 ton set up to a mere 400 lbs., and the way we color our rocks means you get the look and feel of real rock without the fading of conventional artificial rock.

Cut your time and labor by more than half with this simple set up that brings the magic of moving water to the everyday homeowner on a larger scale without out the larger budget!

Available in 4 sizes - 2.5' tall, 4' tall, 5' tall and 6' tall


Kit Includes:

  • 2 support rocks
  • large waterfall rock top peice
  • 4 x 18" long lag screws


Measurements in US/Imperial

Weight: 400 lbs

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