Reptiles just love exploring and cozying up on inconspicuous rock ledges, and Universal Rocks makes it easy to enhance their environment while adding depth and distinction to your aquarium. Our inventory features 24 unique DIY rock ledge varieties, including 8 custom kits for those looking to get even more creative. Each one is inspired and molded from real rocky ledge formations in Australia and the Southern US, and meticulously colored with real rock bits for stunning texture and detail.

Whether you’re looking for a primary ledge for your reptile enclosure or one of our popular DIY ledge kits, Universal Rocks is continually striving to create superior faux rock formations that last long and look stunning over the course of time.

For more information on our products, shipping or our Garland TX showroom, get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.  You can reach the Universal Rocks staff by phone at 888-807-7011, or write to us 24/7 via email through our contact page.

We invite you to discover why Universal Rocks is trusted by industry experts, celebrities and renowned landscape architects everywhere. Browse our full line of faux rocks products, or explore our vast collection of custom aquarium backgrounds and other popular artificial rock decorations.

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