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Install Guide and Dimensions click HERE 

"Sunset Grove" Kit Includes:

NEW Sunset Grove Grotto Waterfall

Waterfall comes in ONE piece.

Plus 2 x side rocks

Optional “Steps” Includes:

2 rocks combined together (used to step up onto waterfall)


Sunset Grove Waterfall = approx. 8' x 6' x 4'

Sunset Grove TOTAL Kit (waterfall w/ 2 side rocks) = approx. 12’ - 14’ long depending on how you place the side rocks. 

  • The 2 side rocks AND the 2 “steps” all weigh around 20-30 lbs each. 
  • Waterfall weighs approx. 300 lbs. 
  • 160” Long (Left Rock to Right Rock)
  • 75” Wide (Back to Front)
  • Sunset Grove hangs over around 18” over coping.
  • 47" Tall

You will need at least three people to help carry and install this waterfall OR one good dolly** 

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