Texas Holey Rock, which is also known as Honeycomb Limestone, is very popular among fish owners and aquarium enthusiasts.  They have beautiful weathered holes and crevices that  most fish love to hide in, and make a wonderful addition to any tank.  We’ve taken real gorgeous limestone rocks and created a lightweight version, making them much easier to handle while allowing them to be cut for custom applications.

To ensure that your Holey Rocks retain their pristine white appearance, regular bleaching or consistent cleaning will help.  But as many know, these rocks look equally amazing once they’ve had some time to season in a well-established tank.  For many, it’s the natural growth and color variations that make them so beautiful and appealing.

*Make sure to wash off really well. We rinse them here with a pressure washer but it is recommended you rinse as well. Also a tip would be to add some Polyfil or Pinkys Filter and change it out every couple of days for the first week. The cloudiness will go away or you may not have any if you prepped well and did not move a ton of substrate.

Before adding lightweight Holey Rocks to your aquarium, be sure to wash them thoroughly.  We use a pressure rinse prior to shipping, but it’s still recommended that you give them a deep rinse before adding to your tank.  To reduce any cloudiness, try adding Polyfil and a Pinky’s filter, and be sure to change it every few days during the introduction phase.

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