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Overview of Swimming Pool products

Installation of Large Patio Pond

Universal Rocks 'Holey Rock' 


Installation of 3D Backgrounds
48x24-Kiama Background with Base

Stuart created enclosure for REX the
Crocodile @ Sydney Wildlife World

Amazing video footage of the
Making of Sydney Wildlife World

Installation of Small Patio Pond

Installation of Medium Patio Pond

Interview with Dave Spicer

Overview of products including Installation of:
Dig-In Pond (7:59 minutes into video)
Installation of Self-Contained unit @ (9:59)
and Pool Installation @ (16:40)



Quick Look at the Pool Grotto!

Custom Waterfalls available - call for more information!

'Crusty' - Universal Rocks' Incredible Giant Shrimp 

Installation of Universal Cascade (UC-001)

Introduction to Garden Products


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