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Pecan Tree Bark (Panel)

Our first large scale tree bark, this panel is a great option for disguising pillars, poles or posts. You can also create your own trees or simply use it as a backdrop for an enclosure or photo shoot. This panel is quite flexible, though due to the nature of tree bark it can look unnatural if you try to bend it in awkward shapes. Seaming and blending this panel is also fairly easy depending on your application. For example; creating trees is easy as there is only one seam to worry about and can usually be put in an area where customers won’t see it. This panel is taller than it is wide at roughly 6’ x 13’

Uses: On demand trees. Covering unsightly pillars/posts. Small to medium enclosures or large tall enclosures; great for cutting into pieces for many enclosures. Backdrop for photoshoots.

Measurements in Metric

Weight: 34 kg

Measurements in US/Imperial

Weight: 74.8 lbs

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