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The crystal wall is fantastic for creating caves, or any project that requires a lot of bending and seaming. It’s smaller size and thinner profile make it great to work with especially if you have limited help or space. Though it is dimensionally thinner than some panels it still has a great amount of detail, which can make cutting through some areas a little difficult.. With its superior flexibility creating caves and bending around corners is easy to achieve, however you may want to add different thicknesses of anchor points behind it to artificially create protrusions or outcroppings to avoid the wall appearing too flat. This is one of our most irregular shaped panels which means it is great for seeming and blending. The irregularity helps disguise the joins and reduces the repetitiveness you get by using multiple of the same panel, though can be harder to use in situations with lots of straight edges like a room or fence.

Uses: caves, man caves, tunnels and entrances. Custom built boulders, or waterfalls. Large projects where multiple seams can’t be avoided.

Approx. Panel Size: 11' x 4' 1/2


Measurements in Metric

Weight: 23 kg

Measurements in US/Imperial

Weight: 50.6 lbs

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