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Cavern Wall

The Cavern wall is like an enhanced version of our rocky panel (RWP-015), similar gritty texture but with substantially more detail and ledges. Great for enclosures and to create outcroppings in any environment. With areas ranging from less than 1 inch upto 9 inch sections giving it great variation and depth. While this panel has a moderate amount of flexibility, the thicker detailed parts can be hard to work with if you need to bend it there, they can also be harder to cut through if you need to modify it. The thinner sections of this background make attaching it to walls or ceilings much more convenient. The cavern wall comes in a more rectangular shape that can make it a great option for rooms or larger enclosures and makes seaming much easier; however you want to avoid straight lines when blending panels together as it can take away from the natural look.

Uses: Small to medium sized rooms,  medium to large or many enclosures, to make outcroppings or ledges.


Approx. Panel Size: 13' x 7'

Measurements in Metric

Weight: 34 kg

Measurements in US/Imperial

Weight: 74.8 lbs

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