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Basalt (Large)

Our large Basalt panel is very similar to our small version, but is better suited for bigger applications, especially when less seams are preferred. With areas that stick out up to 14” this certainly has enough detail to really stand out.

While this panel is very detailed it still is somewhat flexible compared to others, however the thick parts and sheer size and weight can make it hard to work with. Coming in at around 100lbs this can become cumbersome. Though at times it can be hard to cut, the detail in this panel allows you to create access doors that are very well hidden. It’s irregular shape around the edges also makes this much easier to blend while seeming multiple panels together, though some of the larger detailed sections can be hard to seam if cut in awkward spots.

Uses: Larger rooms, walls or fences. Jobs with more people. Large or many enclosures. Caves



Approx. Panel Size: 16' x 9'


Measurements in Metric

Weight: 57 kg

Measurements in US/Imperial

Weight: 125.4 lbs

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