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SKU: Lg-Hotub

Price: $11,448.98

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** Texas Residents please call for installation price**

  • Current hot tubs are run by GAS (call office if wanting electric - 972-412-7179)

This spa is 11ft long x 8ft wide and 3-1/2 ft deep and holds approximately 800 gallons of water. It has a decorative rock seat molded the edge to sit on and seats 6 to 8 people.

The heater that is included with this Spa is NATURAL GAS OR PROPANE.

NOTE: (The price does not include getting Gas or Propane to your spa or filtration).

"IN-GROUND SPA ONLY" and all other kits Include:

  • Spa / Hot Tub complete with plumbing
  • 8 x Jets , 2 x Drains , 1 - Strip Skimmer , 1 - Air Valve , 1 - Bypass Valve for waterfall 
  • Spa Control Panel - Pentair EasyTouch PL4 ( WITH WIFI)
  • 4 button Spa side Controller (black)
  • Gas Heater(250K BTU's) Pentair MasterTemp
  • WaterWay Pump HF (2HP) 2 Speed 
  • Filter - Pentair Clean and clear CC75
  • MegaChlor Pool & Swim Spa Chlorine Generator (Salt Water)
  • Jandy Pro Series Nicheless LED color changing Light (6W) with Transformer 
  • 2 - 2"-2.5" Jandy Neverlube Valve 
  • 1 - 1 1/2"- 2" TrueSeal Swing Check Valve 
  • Equipment Pad Ultralite Concrete  36"x 48"x 3"
  • 24v Actuator valve for Grotto waterfall
  • 2 Hp Blower 120/240v


  • Slim Waterfall (Code: UC-005)


  •    Waterfall with Edge Rocks (Code: LEW-003) (Code: EDGE-010, EDGE-011)


  • Large Grotto Waterfall (Code: 4ft Grotto) 




This is an amazing product that will blend in with your landscaping all year round. Turn the heater off in summer and use it as a mini-pool - ideal size to play and keep an eye on your kids and grandkids! You Deserve to have a piece of paradise!






  • Outer dimensions approximately: 11’ long x 8’ wide and 36” deep.
    The outer edge varies in width to approx. 11”
  • Approximate area where you put your feet is 6’ x 2’ and 15” deep.
  • Approximate area where you sit is 9’ x 6’ with 2’ wide seating around and approximately 21” high behind your back.




  • Spool is packaged on an angle onto a large pallet.
  • Pallet Measurements: L-12’ x W-7’ x H-8-1/2’
  • Approximate weight: 350-400 lbs.
  • Equipment is packaged separately on a standard pallet: 48” x 40”
  • Approximate weight: 390 lbs.
  • Unloading Pallet: Best method is by unloading with a forklift.
    If a forklift is not available at your location, you will need six (6) or more people to unload at the destination.


What to expect pallet to look like:

Spool Pallet: 12 feet x 7 feet




Equipment Pallet: 48” x 40”


A look underneath...

Using our Polyurethane foam, the plumbing is spray foamed in place ready for installation.

Industrial 6# Foam sprayed over plumbing with only suction return and air fittings exposed, ready for installation.


Plumbing before foam insulated and protected.


Inside view of jets and suction.




  • You will need an experienced Pool/Spa Service provider to set up the equipment on site.
  • Gas line size is 1” and requires a licensed plumber to install.
  • The heater that is included with this product is GAS ONLY. (The price does not include getting gas or electricity to your spool).
  • Heater Brand is – Pentair
  • BTU Rating is 250,000



  • This can be dug into the ground half way with a deck built up around it or it can be dug completely into the ground.
  • If you are digging into the ground, we suggest laying a 2” bed of washed sand down as a base and placing the Spool on top of that sand bed. Strategically back fill the spool with washed sand by shoveling and washing into place while you are filling the inside of the spool with water at the same time, making sure you are doing it evenly inside and out.
  • Best results for a more stable top edge of the Spool; make sure you fill up and under the edge so it does not move when you walk on it. Slight movement will not damage the spool.
  • This Spool holds approximately 600-700 gallons of water.
  • It has a decorative rock seat molded around the edge to sit on and seats six (6) to eight (8) people.
  • Waterfall pictured is one of our large edge waterfalls (LEW-003) which is included in the listed price. We also have many different designs of waterfalls that would also suit this Spool, so you are not only limited to one option. An additional pump is recommended to run the waterfall.



We tried making a cover that proved to be too heavy for frequent removal and recommend using pool solar blanket covers available from Leslie’s Swimming Pool Supplies - (We suggest two layers thick with the bubbles laying on the water surface).



  • As this Spool is equipped with a cartridge filter therefore minimum maintenance is needed.
  • The Rock finish is a combination of Polyurea and colored oxides and sands. This product is very durable and needs no winterizing. Coloring is in and on the material and can be cleaned with a wire brush or power washer to remove any built up minerals.
  • Normal levels of chlorine or salt will not harm the product.
  • Please DO NOT ‘shock treat’ your Spool, we recommend that you drain and refill.
  • VERY IMPORTANT: If you do wish to drain and refill your Spool, make sure that it has not rained for at least 10 days so that you don’t run the risk of the Spool ‘popping up out of the ground’ due to the water pressure.

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