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Another original wall panel, initially designed to run water, this is another great accent piece.This panel has a rolled edge that can help it stand alone without the need to disguise the edge but due to its rectangular shape, using multiple panels to cover walls or fences can be difficult to make look natural. The RWP-004 variant is great for running water with its 2 fittings, creating a “weeping wall” effect and is very rigid due to the foam backing. The RWP-005 version is flexible and should not be used for water unless there is some sort of waterproof liner behind the unit, the material in it’s flexible state is porous and has tiny pinholes that would cause it to leak.It is incredibly thin and flexible, well suited for small enclosures or spaces and very easy to cut and modify though be careful of too many bends as it is so flat it won’t bend naturally. This panel is another great option for cutting into smaller pieces for enclosures or using it as a backdrop.

Uses: Small rooms. Small to medium enclosures; great for cutting into pieces for many enclosures. Areas with space restrictions or minimal assistance. Backdrop for photoshoots Accent piece for walls or exhibits. Running water.



Approx. Panel Size: 8' x 6'

Measurements in Metric

Length: 241 cm
Width: 10 cm
Height: 182.88 cm
Weight: 25 kg

Measurements in US/Imperial

Length: 95 in
Width: 4 in
Height: 72 in
Weight: 55 lbs

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