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Texas Wall Background


Price: $0.26
PLEASE NOTE: We will cut the background to the size requested and as these are custom backgrounds they will be more expensive and take more time than something similar at the same size and cannot be returned as it has been made especially for you. Please measure the inside of your tank and provide those dimesions as a decimal. e.g. 71 1/2" x 23 1/4"  would be 71.5" x 23.25". If you request for example 48x24 there is a good chance you will need trim the bacground to suit your tank. Let us do the work for you :). For any questions please call 972-412-7179

Here we have one of our most popular Custom sized 3D Backgrounds, our "Texas Wall". Available in any size and now available in GREY! This is a great piece for any tank; turn it one way and you have caves and the other way you have ledges.

For tanks that have overflow boxes or unique shapes please call 972-412-7179 as these backgrounds require additional work and care. Thank you


End Cap Option: What is, and do you need it?

In short, end caps finish off or block the view of the gap you would see looking down the length of your aquarium. (See pictures) Our backgrounds are cut from larger molds, therefore when we make them the edges are exposed allowing you to see behind the background. The end caps are permanently attached, as one piece, to your background on the side(s) you choose, completing the look of your tank and stopping you from seeing behind the background from the side. End caps make no visible difference when you view your background from the front.

If your tank is in a wall you wouldn't need any end caps because you couldn't see behind the background anyway. If your tank was in a corner you may only need one end cap on the side of the tank that is exposed.