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Rocky Background Custom size


Price: $0.15

Don't have the size you want?

You can have your Background custom cut to suit your size tank.Simply put in your length and height and the calculator will give you a quote instantly.

This Rocky Background is available in 21 standard sizes if you have a standard size tank but because we have such a large mold it enables us to give you a custom cut.
This mo
ld was originally taken from an area 2 hours south of Sydney off a Basalt rock formation.

Although flat in profile it still has a distinctive rock finish, making it a perfect non obstructive rock background, taking no more than 1/2 an inch of your tank.
Due to its style it is extremely easy to roll up and put into an enclosure.
The custom background is only available in our Flexible material but if you do have a standard tank the rigid foam is available also.

PLEASE NOTE: We will cut the background to the size requested and as these are custom backgrounds they will be more expensive and take more time than something similar at the same size and cannot be returned as it has been made especially for you. Please measure the inside of your tank and provide those dimesions as a decimal. e.g. 71 1/2" x 23 1/4"  would be 71.5" x 23.25". If you request for example 48x24 there is a good chance you will need trim the bacground to suit your tank. Let us do the work for you :). For any questions please call 972-412-7179